Only the photographer knows the truth

Some call them photographers. We call them truthtellers. But headlines can make the viewer look at their photos differently, and in worst cases: untrue.

That's why we will their stories – and make sure it is attached to the image when it travels across the world.

We've created an online tool that marks every image with the photographer's story.
Will you join us in finding the truth behind their images?

Explore the truth

Use Canon EOS R5 to tell the truth with great video and stills

New standards in high resolution stills, and phenomenal 8K video quality to match. The EOS R5 advances image quality to a whole new level for stills and movies with a blistering 20fps electronic shutter or 12fps mechanically. The EOS R5 is accomplished, refined and built for magnificence.

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Canon EOS R5

Tell the truth in amazing quality with Canon EOS R6

EOS R6 pushes the limits of what a full frame all-rounder camera can do for both photo and video.
It's the mirrorless benefits with an increase in high-speed and the high image quality, which give you new shooting possibilities. It's the best balance of speed, resolution, video and new technology.

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Truth be told

In an online docu-series we have challenged Hannes Söderlund, Sophie Odelberg and Morten Nordstrøm to explore the truth. Follow them on their journey to find the truth in each of their passion projects.

Finding the truth behind the driver

Sophie Odelberg

In the first episode, we challenged Sophie Odelberg to portray the truth behind the effort it takes to become one of the bests female race car drivers in Sweden.

Sophie Odelberg

Finding the truth about tourism

Hannes Söderlund

In the second episode Hannes Söderlund explores what it’s like for a small island community when tourists disappear from one day to the next. We will dive into the truth about tourism, and try to figure out if it’s good or bad when the island of Gotland is forced to take a regenerating break from the tourists that usually roam the island.

Hannes Söderlund

The truth in masculinity

Morten Nordstrøm

In the last episode we will meet Morten Nordstrøm, who will take us through his search for the truth in masculinity, and what it means and looks like to be a man in 2020.

Morten Nordstrøm

The truth is in the detail

Komplekteeri oma unistuste kaameera- kombineeri täiskaader hübriidkaamera fenomenaalse RF-objektiiviga – ja võida hinnas 250€.

Osta üks Canon EOS R5 või R6 kaamera koos ühe valitud RF-objektiiviga ja saad maksmisel 250 € allahindlust. Kampaania kestab kolm kuud, alates 1.10.2020 kuni 31.12.2020, nii et kasuta pakkumine kindlast ära. Pakkumine kehtib ainult ühe objektiivi ostmiseks kaamera kohta.


Anna oma fotodele professionaalne väljanägemine

Osta alltoodud nimekirjast üks kaamerakorpus ja üks objektiiv ja tunne rõõmu 250€ allahindlusest.

Kaamerakorpus: EOS R5
                            EOS R6

Objektiiv:           RF 85mm F1.2L USM
                           RF 50mm F1.2L USM
                           RF 28-70mm F2L USM
                           RF 24-70mm F2.8L IS USM
                           RF 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM
                           RF 15-35mm F2.8K IS USM


The truth through different lenses

Canon explore stories
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See the truth through the right lens – and get a great deal.

Buy one of the selected cameras and a separate lens to help you capture the truth in great quality.

Register your new camera and lens after your purchase to claim your bonus.

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