Use Canon EOS R5 to tell the truth with great video and stills

New standards in high resolution stills, and phenomenal 8K video quality to match. The EOS R5 advances image quality to a whole new level for stills and movies with a blistering 20fps electronic shutter or 12fps mechanically. The EOS R5 is accomplished, refined and built for magnificence.

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Canon EOS R5

Tell the truth in amazing quality with Canon EOS R6

EOS R6 pushes the limits of what a full frame all-rounder camera can do for both photo and video.
It's the mirrorless benefits with an increase in high-speed and the high image quality, which give you new shooting possibilities. It's the best balance of speed, resolution, video and new technology.

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Every photographer knows the feeling of missing a photograph.
That one important shot that could have told a truth, changed someone’s view, or perhaps change something even bigger. This is a tribute to those shots.

Sophie Odelberg

Ulla Lohmann “The lava lake”

I am standing on a tiny ledge not even 250 meters away from a boiling lava lake. My camera sits on a tripod, and I am taking long exposures to show the power of the eruptions. My sweaty fingers constantly press the shutter. When we are back in safety, I check the images, and they are all blurred. I did not think that the ground would shake this much during the eruption. But it did, and I missed my shot.

Hannes Söderlund

Muhammed Muheisen “Serious smiles”

It was a Pakistani neighborhood that hosts Afghan refugees. Down by the river, a boy was diving into the stream, completely unaffected by the serious circumstances surrounding him. I got my camera ready within a blink of an eye, but the moment was gone. My composition was off. Daily life is impossible to capture once the camera is noticed. So, I missed my shot.

Morten Nordstrøm

Marina Cano “Nature’s course”

We followed wild dogs across The Kalahari Dessert. Their target was the smallest and most vulnerable calf I have ever seen. The little one was defeated and called for her mother. Even though I didn’t want to see what was about to happen, I asked for a shorter lens. When I reviewed the images, they were all out of focus. It wasn’t my tears not letting me see properly, but the lens that was given to me was in manual focus. That’s why I missed my shot.

Sophie Odelberg

The truth through different lenses

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