Professionaalsed videolahendused

Olenemata sellest, kas teete filmi, edastate televisioonisaateid või voogedastust või teete dokumentaalsaateid, muudavad meie professionaalsete kaamerate ja objektiivide erakordsed võimalused teie liikuvate piltidega töötamist.

Professionaalsed videolahendused

Canon Pro videolahendused

Alates kinost ja avaliku sektori tööst kuni välisülekannete ja voogedastuseni on Canon Pro videolahendus, mis sobib teile ideaalselt.


Meie tootevalik sisaldab kõike, mida vajate, ja lisaks kõike, mida soovite.

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Abi ja tugi

Oleme siin, et leida vastused teie küsimustele, lahendada probleeme ja suunata teid õigesse kohta, kui vajate parandustöid.

Viimased case studyd

  • TV Broadcasting, Studio. Cameras, Tripods, Set

    Case Study

    Redefining TV broadcasting with Canon PTZs for one of Slovakia’s most popular channels

    Popular Slovakian channel, TV JOJ, is revolutionising the use of Canon CR-N500 PTZ cameras to produce TV-quality broadcasting. They are the first station in Slovakia to build PTZ exclusive studios.

  • Museum, Staff, Dinosaur, Nature

    Case Study

    How Canon PTZ Cameras and projectors showcase the beauty of biodiversity

    From T-rex bones to out-of-this-world meteorites, find out how Naturalis Biodiversity Center uses Canon PTZ cameras and projectors to get closer than ever to the beauty of nature.

  • Presenter, Camera, Studio

    Case Study

    PTZ cameras help Finnish live events company switch to hybrid

    AV production company SVV are used to producing huge events, from international summits to large-scale trade exhibitions. Find out how Canon CR-N500 PTZ cameras have helped reinvent their business offering in a new hybrid form.

  • Viimased lood ja uudised

  • The Canon Cinema EOS range.


    A decade of Canon Cinema EOS

    Discover how Cinema EOS – from the EOS C300 through to the EOS C70 – has enabled the making of 10 diverse productions over the past 10 years.

  • A man filming on a Canon XF605 camera with a microphone attached. A Canon PTZ camera is visible in the foreground.


    B-cams for filmmakers – which is right for you?

    Discover the best B-cams in the Canon ecosystem – from Cinema EOS and mirrorless EOS to pro camcorders and PTZ.

  • Two men stand on a docked wooden boat with a large body of water behind them. One is adjusting a Canon EOS C500 Mark II camera, the other is pointing into the distance.


    Exploring the magic of Canon cinema lenses

    Multi-award-winning DoP Martin Christ looks back over a career accompanied by Canon.

  • A person using a Canon camcorder to film a smartly dressed news reporter on a bridge.


    Parimad Canoni videokaamerad: teie üldjuhend

    Milline on parim professionaalne Canoni videokaamera otseülekannete tegemiseks, uudiste kogumiseks ja ettevõtte vajaduste jaoks?

  • Two presenters sit on deck chairs inside a restored barge that is being used as a production set.


    Kuidas kaugproduktsioon filmiloojaid pinnal hoidis

    Kaks filmiloojat räägivad, kuidas ülemaailmsed koroonapiirangud sundisid neid oma töö jätkamiseks uusi lahendusi leidma ja mida see tulevikus muuta võib.

  • A Canon XF705 camcorder viewed from the rear with a richly coloured HDR image visible in the viewfinder and LCD screen.


    Filming and grading for HDR video

    Filming for HDR delivery? Experts reveal which Canon cameras are best for HDR video, why good exposure is key, and how to plan an HDR workflow.

  • A man in winter clothing on a snowy mountainside with a Canon XF705 camcorder.


    Täiendage oma seadmeparki ühe videokaameraga

    Filmitegija Sébastien Devaud rääkis, millist rolli mängivad Canoni XA ja XF professionaalsed videokaamerad tema loomingus.

  •  pro-sette-storie-walking-interviews


    Filming Italian news on the CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS

    How the Canon Compact Cine Servo lens brought challenging walking interviews to the screen with flair.

  • Nigella Lawson standing in a kitchen, looking down at two dishes of food on the counter in front of her.


    Filming Nigella on Canon Cine Primes

    On celebrity chef Nigella Lawson's TV shows, the images are as rich as the food. DoP Robin Fox shares his shooting secrets.

  • A computer in a video edit suite with two HD reference monitors.


    Choosing the right 4K monitor

    If you work in video and post-production then you need a high-quality reference monitor. Find out about Canon's exciting and feature-packed range.

  • How to use 3D LUTs on the Canon EOS C70


    How to use 3D LUTs on the Canon EOS C70

    The EOS C70's Look File function enables you to apply 3D LUTs to your videos for outstanding creative control. Find out how they work and how to set them up.

  • Filmmaker and activist Jack Harries leans on a wooden table setting up a shot with his Canon camera rigged with a mic.


    What matters to future filmmakers?

    Embracing challenges, collaboration and moving beyond the gatekeepers, young creatives Ashleigh Jadee, Jack Harries and Irene Cruz are pushing the boundaries of film.

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