"Remember to capture genuine everyday moments!"


Many homes often have that ”better camera”, the one that you pull out for birthday parties, Christmas and holiday trips. Otherwise, it’s left unused in the cupboard. Recognise yourself?


I sure do, and that’s why I have a suggestion for you: bring the camera out more often, especially in the middle of your everyday life. Let’s create photo and video memories from more than just the special days. These everyday moments might seem boring, but actually, they are the most important ones, our children’s childhood.

The first bike ride without training wheels, the first ice cream outside in the summer, the first funny words or first steps, walks in the woods together, swim trips even on cold days, boat trips with granddad or cuddles with granny.

Ordinary, yet so important moments to remember. Moments when time stands still, even for a second. Moments that everyone cherishes later on.


I used a compact, easy-to-carry Canon EOS M50 Mark II camera body and a Canon EF-M 32 mm f/1.4 STM lense. and they yielded both beautiful images and high-quality video. It’s a small camera, so it’s easy to bring along anytime.”

Written by Susanna Hynynen