Canon imagePRESS C6011 Tehnilised andmed

imagePRESS C6011

Designed for commercial printers and in-house departments, the imagePRESS C6011 delivers excellent print quality, new workflow solutions and extended in-line finishing for a sound return on investment.


  • Image quality that looks and feels like offset printing
  • Consistent and predictable results
  • i1 Process Control for controlled digital colour printing
  • Versatile media up to 325 gsm
  • Speeds up to 61 ipm
  • Extended finishing capabilities
  • EFI Fiery or CREO Color workflow

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Setting new standards in colour production

Building on the reputation of its predecessor, the imagePRESS C6011 is the next evolution in digital colour production, with image quality that looks and feels like offset production. Featuring even higher print quality, this versatile press delivers an excellent return on investment.

Even higher quality

With its ultra-fine particle size and oil-less fusing characteristics, Canon's V-toner combines with enhanced image control technologies to deliver a superb finish on all media.

Consistent quality

Predictable, consistent colour is virtually guaranteed over all run lengths thanks to Canon's Advanced Image Control System (ARCDAT) and our new colour toner density stabilising technology.

The i1 Process Control helps achieve consistent and controlled digital colour printing. The software's simple interface allows users to build International Colour Consortium (ICC) profiles for both display and CMYK output devices.

Exceptional speeds and productivity

Production speeds are 61 ipm on media up to 135 gsm and heavier or coated media up to 325 gsm can be also handled. A maximum media supply of 10,000 sheets from up to 8 different sources is configurable.

The large sized media capabilities, enhanced media catalogue and high productivity on mixed sized print applications, makes the imagePRESS C6011 ideal for graphic arts and in-plant environments. Produce reports, manuals and impressive pitch books in-line with ease.

High precision printing

Canon's Intelligent Registration Technology (IRT) ensures exceptional front-to-back and side-to-side registration accuracy. The Advanced Smoothing Technology (AST) enhances print quality by eliminating banding associated with the combination of text and intricate graphics. An Effective Resolution System makes intelligent image adjustments based on the way prints are viewed by the nake

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