Stacker Select

Save valuable time with the fully integrated Stacker Select. Extend your stacking capacity with up to 400 42- inch-wide sheets

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Stacker Select

Productive, flexible, easy

Make your large format printing workflow more productive using the Stacker Select: the integrated productive stacker offering extra stacking capacity of up to 400, 42-inch-wide sheets. Plenty of capacity to receive and hold multiple jobs with various types of


Increase productivity as up to 400 prints are neatly stacked automatically, allowing for unattended printing. Use the Stacker Select next to the Top Delivery Tray to extend your output capacity.


Compatible with all PlotWave and ColorWave large format printers. Supports a wide variety of media up to 42 inch wide, and up to 48 inch long.


Extremely easy to use as the Stacker Select is fully integrated with the Large Format printers. Stacking speed is adjusted to the speed of the printer.

Productive, flexible, easy

Optimised for PlotWaves and ColorWaves

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