iW360 uncovered

The real strength of iW360 comes from five proven software components combined in one package. These work together to give an impressive level of performance.

iWPM. Productive, cost-effective publishing capability.
Producing professional quality documents to tight deadlines is simple and cost effective with Canon iW Publishing Manager. You can scan in multiple documents from multiple sources and have the finished piece in your hands within no time. Click here to find out more.
iWDM. Effective management and sharing of electronic documents.
Imagine the ocean of important paperwork on your desk all filed away and accessible through just a click of your mouse. Canon’s iW Document Manager software enables users to bring all their documents under control. Click here to find out more.
iW Function Flow. Combining multiple functions with ‘one button’ push.
By combining several Canon MFP functions into one, the iW Function Flow automates manual workflows and improves efficiency. So you can get the job done in less time, with less stress. iW Function Flow provides a set of pre-registered buttons which interacts with user authentication to allow personalised functions.
Searchable PDF. Turning data into information.
This software creates a PDF file by converting a scanned image into searchable text data. When you scan a document into a PDF file, all elements including the text on the page are processed as images. You can search the text and easily locate the specific information you need.
Compact PDF. Reduced network burden and faster communication.
This is how to optimise performance when processing PDFs. Compact PDF creates a file by compressing full-colour scan images that would normally require a long network transfer time into small image files. It means you can easily email attached files across the network. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to compromise on quality.