iW Publishing Manager

If you’ve ever had to collate, or compile and print a document consisting of material from multiple applications, you'll know just how much time it can take.

Rapidly put complex documents together

Canon iW Publishing Manager (iWPM) makes it possible to assemble a complex document on-screen through a few simple drag and drop commands. Then you can save the whole job (including all of the finishing instructions), to use again.

Easy to use
If you know how to use a word-processing package, then you know more than enough to put iWPM to work immediately on document publishing.

Make each document informative and relevant
iWPM enables you to create chapters or individual pages, which can be moved around, for easy manipulation. That's not all. You can add lines, shapes, watermarks and annotations. Mail customised catalogues and price lists to your customers.  Add extra distribution capabilities by saving jobs instantly as a PDF. And give it a professional look with Canon's finishing options.

Fully compatible
iW Publishing Manager is conceived to leverage all the finishing options of Canon’s innovative range of printers from black and white to colour.

Useful Downloads
iWPM Brochure
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Professional Print Solutions [PDF, 736 KB]