uniFLOW, Canon’s integrated print and scan management solution, now comes with the added capability of enabling mobile workers and guests to print from their mobile devices. This makes uniFLOW even more attractive to businesses looking for a flexible, scalable way to manage printing and scanning efficiently, securely and cost effectively. Learn more about uniFLOW below.


Cost Tracking. For better control of print budgets.

uniFLOW has a built-in reporting system of all your printing, copying and scanning costs. So you can see exactly what you are spending, who is spending it and how to recover costs and make economies.

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Picture_secure_printing Secure Printing. For safe output of sensitive documents.

uniFLOW allows users to send sensitive documents to any network printer and only print when they are there to collect them. So everyone can choose when and where they print, safe in the knowledge that their documents remain secure.

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Picture_intelligent_routing Intelligent Routing. For improved print flow and cost management.

uniFLOW allows the administrator to set up rules on how and where documents are printed. This avoids large jobs causing queues at desktop printers and ensures economies through central control of colour print volumes.

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Advanced Scanning. Making capture and distribution of information simple.

uniFLOW enables users to quickly and easily scan and compress documents from Canon Multifunctional Devices directly to email or file systems such as Microsoft SharePoint or Canon’s Therefore. Personalised workflows that follow users across the fleet, provide a consistent user experience.

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Document Security. For enhanced protection of company information.

Information leakage in any organisation is a very serious threat. All confidential data is monitored and costly information leaks are avoided.

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Mobile Printing. To any printer from any mobile device.

uniFLOW brings mobile device print capability to your organisation. Whether sending documents locally stored or from Cloud-based applications, you can allow users or guests to print from their internet-enabled mobile devices, without compromising network security.

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