Therefore™ Components

Therefore™ is made up of several component applications:

Therefore™ Navigator

The Therefore™ Navigator allows you to search, retrieve, group and sort documents saved within the software. It also manages workflow process tasks. The Navigator is the starting point for users to launch the Therefore™ Viewer.



Document Viewer

The Therefore™ Viewer displays, rotates, annotates and prints documents that have been saved to Therefore™. In addition, the Viewer allows you to create new versions of a document, edit a document’s index fields and view previous versions. Documents associated with applications on your PC, are opened using the native application. However, Viewer also allows you to view documents created in over 250 file formats, even if the application they were created in is not installed on your PC. So imagine you receive an AutoCAD drawing, you can open it, even if you don’t have the application on your PC.


Document Capture

The Therefore™ Capture Client is used to scan documents and save them to Therefore™. The Capture Client is typically used with a document scanner, although it can be used to import documents from a hard disk, or to classify and index documents that have already been saved to Therefore™. Both barcode and OCR recognition are supported, and can be used for indexing documents and splitting batches.


Web Access

Therefore™ Web Access uses a web browser (typically Microsoft® Internet Explorer®) to search and display documents saved in the Therefore™ Document Management System.

The ability to scan documents into Therefore™, or be part of a workflow process over the web, is useful for small branches or even home workers. Using a username and password over a secure link enables users to benefit from the functionality of Therefore™ from anywhere with Internet access. The Therefore™ web client allows this without any Therefore™ software installed on the PC being used. Usability is similar to the Therefore™ Navigator and Viewer making it easy to appreciate the benefits, anytime and anywhere. To ensure data is kept secure over the Internet, the Therefore™ Web client, supports secure communication using SSL.

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