There’s a smart and simple way to create and manage scanned documents. eCopy is an easy to use system for managing any type of paper documents into an electronic format that effortlessly integrates into all business applications. It connects your Canon digital printer or scanner to your company’s e-mail and other networked enterprise applications, for low-cost, easy, instantaneous distribution and management of electronic copies of paper documents in black & white or colour.

With eCopy connected to your Canon device, you can make working more productive and processes more effective, reduce distribution costs significantly and make information more secure – helping everyone work together more efficiently.

Fast Communication
eCopy creates and distributes critical documents as PDF or TIFF files at local network and Internet speed.
Security and Compliance
Your documents stay secure with the built in 128-bit encryption software allowing you the option to create a secure audit trail.

Increase ROI
eCopy dramatically reduces costs, enhances productivity and efficiency and improves your ROI by eliminating courier costs, enabling the sharing of information and creating an on-ramp to document management systems.

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