Canon iW Management Console

Ease the burden of fleet management and maximise office productivity

Canon iW Management Console

Ease the burden of fleet management and maximise office productivity

The challenges of fleet device management
Managing a large fleet of devices can quickly start to pose significant problems for your facilities or IT departments. Failure to rectify or pre-empt issues such as toner low or paper out could result in lost productivity across the office. Furthermore, manually updating device settings, applications, firmware or address books across a large fleet can take days of work.

Efficient centralised control
Canon’s iW Management Console is a highly scalable and comprehensive browser-based utility to provide IT and facilities departments with a centralised point of control to efficiently manage and monitor a fleet of Canon multifunction printers (MFPs) and printers. Integration with Active Directory, administrator right management and SSL security ensures secure and centralised management of your fleet.

Powerful capabilities
iW Management Console reduces the burden on IT administrators and facilities departments. Capabilities include consumables monitoring, distribution of device settings and other resources, consolidating device meter reads and upgrading printer drivers. iW MC also enables your service provider to offer enhanced services to further reduce the burden such as meter read collection, device upgrading and toner ordering.

Organisations that actively manage their printer, copier, multifunction product (MFP) and fax fleets can save between 10% and 30% of their print costs.
(Gartner, Cost-Cutting Initiatives for Office Printing, June 2012)

Canon Managed Print Services can manage and optimise you print fleet for you to:
1) Reduce costs
2) Increase productivity
3) Heightening security
4) Improve sustainability
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Simplify tasks

Reduce administrators’ workload through automated task management
Tasks such as updating existing devices, retrieving meter reads or discovering new devices can be set-up by the administrators and scheduled to be executed overnight or at weekends to avoid disruption.

Logical grouping of devices and tasks
Device grouping allows devices to be logically grouped and for tasks to be initiated and scheduled against groups for easy management. Tasks can also be grouped and scheduled in sequence to complete a series of tasks against an entire fleet in one go.

Device monitoring

Enhance productivity with consumables and device monitoring
Instant email notification regarding device errors, as well as consumable levels, enables you to proactively and efficiently manage your fleet to reduce device downtime. Email alerts and notifications can be filtered or shared with other administrators to ensure the right information always reaches the right person. So, if toner is running low, the person responsible for replenishing supplies is notified straight away.

At-a-glance visibility of your entire fleet
A device list status view, with grouping capability, provides an at-a-glance status view of your entire fleet. Plus, a device-mapping feature allows you to pinpoint the location of devices on a map – particularly useful for larger organisations with devices across multiple floors or buildings.

Improve cost control with meter readings collection and consolidation
It’s easy to assess company-wide device usage with consolidated meter reading reports, helping to keep costs under control and allowing redeployment of resources where necessary. The Meter Capture Plug-in enables the local capture of meter readings from Canon devices. It may also be possible to collect counters from other vendors’ devices which comply with the standard printer MIB.

Easy configuration management for IT departments

Save time with batch configuration
The Device Configuration Management plug-in and the Setting Profile Management plug-in allow IT administrators to backup, restore or distribute detailed device settings. IT administrators can choose each individual setting per machine and then replicate this across their fleet by distributing these detailed device settings in one go.

Resource and Address Book Management
The Address Book Management plug-in offers centralised management of device address books and one-touch buttons. IT administrators can retrieve an address book from a device and deliver it to multiple devices. Creating and modifying address books for deployment is also supported. The Resource Management plug-in allows the distribution of PCL/PS fonts, Colour Profiles, Macros to devices and is ideal for companies with their own font or logo.

Credential Management
The Credential Management plug-in allows IT administrators to automatically manage the passwords and certificates on a number of devices at the same time.

Printer Driver Management
The Printer Driver Management plug-in allows an IT administrator to centrally install/uninstall and update printers’ drivers on user workstations.

Service efficiency

System and application management
The Device Application Management plug-in allows the batch distribution of device MEAP applications and iR options to multiple devices simultaneously, providing easy and quick upgrade or implementation across a large fleet.

Rapid device firmware updating
Device Firmware Update plug-in* allows service providers to schedule or action device firmware updates to multiple devices simultaneously - ideal for upgrades and fast fixes. This solution is a local alternative to Canon’s internet-based Content Delivery System, as it doesn’t require an internet connection.

Faster fixes and helpful remote services
RDS plug-in* integrates with Canon’s eMaintenance Remote Diagnostics System to enable enhanced services from your service provider.
    1) Never run out of toner – consumables can be monitored and replenishments delivered proactively.
    2) Automated meter reading ensures accurate bills and no more manual submissions.
    3) Remote diagnostics maximises the chance of a first time fix or remote fix.
*Only available to service providers.