Quick first print

Conventional lasers require a warm-up time before printing. 75% of all print jobs are just 3 pages or shorter. This means that with conventional printers you have to wait for them to warm up every time. Soon you’re spending more time waiting than working.

Canon laser printers and multifunctionals incur no warm up even from sleep mode. This means faster job times and less waiting.

Canon’s superior Quick First-Print performance is due to 3 pioneering technologies. Canon’s On-Demand Fixing Technology ensures the printer springs into action immediately the moment you need it. Canon’s High performance controller technologies including CAPT (Canon Advanced Printing Technology), Hi-SCoA (High Smart Compression Architecture) and UFRII (Ultra Fast Rendering) provide rapid print data processing. Our energy-saving On-Demand Toners support the fixing process to ensure the highest quality prints.

The benefits of Canon's Quick First-Print performance often outweigh those of a faster PPM print speed.

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