Time code input/output

A Time code is an 8 digit figure that is used in a professional environment to log video frames according to hours, minutes, seconds and frames (00:00:00:00). Set from a central generator (often another camcorder), it is used as a reference marker – a way of coordinating the internal clocks of two or more camcorders (or, indeed, other video devices).

A Time code reference is an effective way of managing post-production work on a shoot that has involved more than one camcorder – a way to ensure that the timeline is coherent even though it has been constructed from any number of sources.

Although the XH G1 features an SDI output connection that allows the camcorder to receive additional Time code information, a dedicated input/output connector is also available. The separate connection, which can be used as either an input or output socket according to your needs, comes into use when video is exported via an alternative source, such as the component socket. Used as an output, the camcorder takes the role of the master signal generator – it exports its own clock signal to other camcorders, aligning them to itself.

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