Progressive shooting

The default recording mode of every Canon HD camcorder is 50i – which means that video is captured in 50 interlaced fields each second. Shooting in 50i provides amazing video clarity. However, Canon Full HD camcorders also offer a progressive capture mode.

During progressive shooting full video frames are captured – unlike interlaced recording, which scans odd and even scan lines (or fields) alternately. The frame rate of progressive footage – 25 full frames per second – is similar to the rate of traditional film and gives your movies a more cinematic look: a wonderful way to lend them real character. This is a particularly useful feature for aspiring directors.

25p Cinema Mode
The Canon Full HD CMOS sensor is capable of both interlaced and progressive capture – giving you complete freedom to choose between shooting in high quality 50i or cinematic 25p. Alongside 25p shooting, special CINE image settings – developed from Canon’s professional range – alter the gamma curve, or intensity of images, to give colours an authentic cinematic look. These settings can also be applied during Standard Definition recording. The combination of 25p shooting and CINE image modes is called 25p Cinema Mode.



25F shooting
Canon’s 3CCD HD line up gives digital filmmakers the opportunity to reproduce the look and feel of film thanks to a 25F shooting mode. Similar to 25p shooting mode, 25 frames are captured every second. Used in conjunction with dedicated CINE image settings that achieve a cinematic colouring, 25F delivers the progressive style of footage highly valued by moviemakers.


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