Canon LS-100K


A choice of contemporary colours that can complement your home interior or office décor.

Kasulikud omadused

  • Stylish design for your lifestyle
  • 10 digit mini desktop calculator with dual power
  • Large display
  • Grand total & tax functions
  • Part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material


Vaadake toodet Canon LS-100K üksikasjalikumalt

Smart, modern design

Add a lifestyle feel to your home or office with the LS-100K. Available in four vivid colours - blue, pink, orange and green, with a striking metallic finish, the design is attractive and sleek, certain to complement your home interior or office décor.

Practical features

The LS-100K has an eye-catching upper case with metallic spray finish. Smaller than the LS-123K, and with similar features, the LS-100K has a large 10 digit LCD display and intuitive functions. The LS-100K Series calculators are easy to use at home and at work. Dedicated buttons for adding or subtracting tax, and a grand total memory feature, make these calculators practical as well as visually appealing.

Sustainable design

Part-manufactured from recycled Canon product material, we are keen to continue sharing our vision on waste reduction via our essential yet sustainable products.

Toote tehnilised andmed

Lisateave toote Canon LS-100K, selle funktsioonide ja võimaluste kohta.

10 - digits

10 numbrimärki

Dual Power

Kahekordne energiaallikas

Tax Calculation

Maksude arvutamine

Grand total memory

Üldsumma mälu

Large Display

Suur kuva

eco friendly

Eco Friendly